Do I get freshly made meals?

The dishes are prepared immediately after the order is placed. We hand over fresh and warm meals.

After placing the order how fast, can I get the order?

On average, 20-30 minutes, if you are planning to pick it up yourself

If I will order via delivery. How fast, can I get the order?

Delivery of the order is an average of 50-60min. (Time may be longer depending on the size of the order and your location)

Do I need to register on the web?

Registration is not required.

Are your products made of semi-finished products?

99% of our products are handmade and using fresh ingredients.

What is the price of the delivery service?

The price will depend on two criteria

Location – Tallinn or Tallinn outskirts

Shopping Cart Size

Shopping Cart Size Tallinn
Up to – 100,00 € 5,00€
100,01€-over 0,00€

Beyond Tallinn, we also can offer a delivery service. In this case, the price is negotiable.

How can I get the order?

You can pick it up at Narva mnt 7A or order to your home using delivery service.

Is it possible to eat on the spot?


Can we make an order in advance?

Web Ordering System offers the possibility to make advance orders. Select the appropriate date and time.

How can I pay?

You can pay via online bank, credit and debit cards or cash.

Can I pay courier-using bankcard?

Courier takes only in cash. There is a possibility to pay via internet bank so that there is no need to settle with a courier.

How big are the meals?

Each product has its own description where is mentioned the size of each meal. We get a lot of feedback from customers that meals are big enough.

What is the temperature of the beer you serve?

We keep beers in the refrigerator at a temperature of 6-9 degrees.

Can we make an order for a major event?

Yes, we do orders for companies and private events. For this, please write your wishes info@crispy.ee.