1.1 Terms apply to all persons (hereinafter the client) and the shopping environment crispy.ee Crispy Foods OÜ RegistryNo. 14021632 (hereinafter the provider). The use of the website implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1.2 In addition to these terms and conditions all transactions are regulated by the legal acts of Republic of Estonia.

1.3 Crispy Foods OÜ is a legitimate to evaluate and improve security, pricing and terms for better use of www.crispy.ee e-shop environment. Conditions, price changes and additions to be notified on the internet page www.crispy.ee. Conditions, pricing changes and additions take effect the amendment or supplement to the publication on the website www.crispy.ee. When you submit a request before the change took effect, you apply and Crispy Foods OÜ acquire the right relationship between your order by the conditions prevailing at the time of transmission unless the law or these terms and conditions stipulate otherwise.

1.4 Crispy.ee e-shop is open hours are marked at the www.crispy.ee/kontakt page


2.1 All prices include 20% VAT.

Agreement enters into force:

3.1 At the moment when the client signs up at www.crispy.ee web page

3.2 When environment terms confirmation box is checked and order is confirmed via pushing the order button.

3.3 The contract is valid until the closure of the website user’s account provided that half of the contractual obligations are met.

The parties obligations

4.1 The service provider undertakes;

4.1.1 Replace the order in case it is inappropriate with equivalent accepted by the customer order. Not considered to be non-compliance with the proper performance of the customer’s order, the order of the pack content or non-compliance with the conditions of the order or the non-fulfilment of a contract within the specified time.

4.1.2 Make an order submitted by the client (web environment www.crispy.ee or telephone +372 58830230)

4.1.3 Alcohol will be sold only to adult clients who have confirmed that at the moment of order the client is at least 18 years of age. Customer age will be controlled at the delivery.

4.2 The Customer undertakes;

4.2.1 Submit the order with correct personal data including phone number and address

4.2.2 Ensure accuracy of the phone and answer calls to the service provider;

4.2.3 enables product delivery, and service provider contact information to the address indicated in the order;

4.2.4 Verify product compliance with the order;

4.2.5 To pay for order on the site if it was selected according to a statement the order conditions;

4.2.6 Consider an order best before dates. Best before dates may depend on the specific characteristics of the order.

Order takeaway and delivery rules

5.1 Ordered products can be handed over at company representation Värvi tn 5/Laki tn 12 or sent by courier to the address specified in the order by the client (courier services apply only in Tallinn and Tallinn near outskirts- courier service price varies from 1,00 to 13,00 EUR – price depends on the region and shopping cart size).

5.2 Order preparation time varies from 15-30 minutes. Preparation time can be extended depending on the size of the order or amount of other orders.

5.3 Order takeaway at company representation:

5.3.1 At Representation products are handed over at open hours (1.4).

5.3.2 Products are available for pick up in a representation at a specified time marked in order (the time is a time chosen by the client when a client can receive his order). The provider keeps the ordered products until one hour after the deadline marked in order. If the customer does not come within 1 hour after specified time marked in order, the provider takes this as client unsubscribed from the order and in that case, agreement terms point implement.

5.3.3 Products will be handed over to the client based on order number.

5.3.4 If the client has not previously paid for the order, the client must pay via cash or card on site.

5.3.5 The provider is not responsible for any damage caused to the client in case the third party possessed unique order number by reasons that were not caused by any provider’s activity.

5.3.6 If the order is containing alcoholic beverages, the products will be issued during the period 10:00 to 22:00, and the products are transferred to an adult person only (photo identification is necessary). If the customer can’t submit a document or if the client is a minor, the seller has the right to exclude the above-mentioned products from handing over.

5.4 Order delivery

5.4.1 For the order to be delivered to the specific address in the order needs to be checked delivery service box, date and time (the specific time when an order will be handed over to the client) and the address. Making an order via internet environment client need to take in to account an approximate delivery time of 30 minutes.

5.4.2 The time of delivery may be extended by the circumstances, not dependent on the provider.

5.4.3 Delivery service fee will be added according to the client selected area (prices include VAT)

5.4.4 If the customer has not previously paid for the product, the customer must pay the courier in cash. Courier don’t take card payments.

5.4.5 If the customer refuses to accept a product without a reasonable reason, the service provider has the right to impose conditions in point agreement terms.

5.4.6 If the order includes alcoholic beverages, the transfer can take place only from 10:00 to 22:00. Outside the specified time, the courier has the right not to hand over the alcohol beverages. The courier that delivers alcohol beverages is entitled to require photo identification. If the client cannot submit photo identification proving adult age courier has right to exclude the above-mentioned products from handing over to the client.

Payment methods

6.1 Orders can be paid via Estonian bank links  (Swedbank, SEB, LHV Pank, Nordea, Danske Bank, Credit Bank) .www.crispy.ee using the bank link payments certified “Maksekesus service” service. All www.crispy.ee website indicated prices are given in euros.
Execution of the payment made outside e-store environment, according to the bank or payment service provider in a secure environment. E-shop has no access to the customer’s bank and credit card data.

6.2 Cash

6.3 Card payment (only on site)

6.4 PayPal


7.1 The client is entitled to;

7.1.1 Refuse to accept an order and/or require the substitution of an equivalent product if the packaging is damaged or upon inspection in the order has detected an obvious non-compliance with the User Agreement, terms set out in the order process.

7.1.2 If the client has withdrawn from the contract or the purchase of alcohol mentioned in paragraphs 5.3.6 and 5.4.6 the client is unable to prove legal age, and returned products are appropriate (including taking into account agreement terms points and provider refunds to client cost of alcohol products within 7 calendar days after client returns products to provider.

7.2 Provider is entitled to;

7.2.1 Refusal to execute an order if there are justified doubts about the correctness of the customer’s subscription or contact details, as well as the client’s ability to fulfil contract terms;

7.2.2 Cancel order fulfilment and delivering if there is no possibility to identify customer and delivery address. Provider also reserves the right to cancel order fulfilment in case client does not allow the service provider to access the address specified in the order;

7.2.3 Right not to refund: if the client refuses without good reason, to receive the products; In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to products which by their very nature can not be returned, including chilled and perishable products In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to products which are damaged or open packaging.

Other conditions

8.1 All www.crispy.ee e-store visits and purchases in the course of receiving the customer’s personal data will be treated as confidential information. Encrypted data channel with banks to make a purchase of personal data and bank details secure. Also, Crispy Foods OÜ has no access to them.

8.2 Terms that are unresolved by this agreement are resolved on the legislations basis of the Republic of Estonia.

8.3 All Settlements between You and Crispy Foods OÜ www.crispy.ee that arise from e-shop ordering and purchasing of products to be disputed through negotiations. Fail on the agreement, you are entitled to seek protection of their rights through consumer complaints, the Consumer Protection Board or the Tallinn City Court. Consumers may file a complaint himself or through a representative. Resolving disputes on the basis of the existing laws in the Republic of Estonia.

8.4 Product photos are illustrative.

8.5 Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

8.6 www.crispy.ee reserves the right to withdraw from the sale if the product has occurred in any of the following problems: has happened to human error or technical error value is inserted into the system (for example, when food suddenly costs not 10 EUR’i but 1 EUR a manifest error. As a result, we assume that the client should understand that there is an error, and the product does not include the sale at a price).

8.7 Product information will be reviewed and improved regularly. Data can be renewed after your last visit. In connection with the failure of product suppliers information www.crispy.ee e-store product info inaccuracies can occur. In this instance, www.crispy.ee e-shop will not accept liability for the correctness of the data. However, we recommend that before making a purchase opportunity to check the accuracy of product information, our customer service by phone +372 58830230